Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Phenylephrine review

After congratulating myself for surviving all winter without catching swine, or any other, cold or flu; I've been struck down with a dose of Man Flu.

Normally I just dose up on cold tablets and soldier on but this year the pharmacy sold me a poor replacement for the old medicine in the form of tablets which replace good old Pseudoephedrine with innefective Phenylephrine.

Poor me.


Unknown said...

What a disappointment. I too got a dose of Man Flu a couple of weeks ago, but lamented the fact that while I was on codral at least my work productivity would increase.

But no, just didn't happen this time. Now I know why. Bring back the old formula!

Peter Marks said...

You poor thing. I feel for you. Take it easy, it can take months to fully recover...