Monday, February 23, 2009

New kitchen radio AWA Radiola 565MA

Picked up my new valve radio last night.


A magnificent item of architecture I hope you'll agree. Many of the original capacitors have been replaced and internally condition is excellent.

Here it is tuned to 2FC, err ABC Radio National. Hums a bit but sounds very official. Great to see some 1950s technology still going strong.


Unknown said...

Hi Marxy,

Just wondering if you could provide any info on what valves go in which sockets for this radio?

I have one of these radios, unfortunately, the valves reside in a box next to the radio...


Peter Marks said...

Hi Justin,

Sorry I don't have any technical info but I'm sure it's around.

Let me know if you're still stuck.


Caitlin @ Get Backlinks said...

That is a gorgeous piece! My grandmother used to have a radio that looked almost like that when I was little. Oh, seeing that just brought back lovely memories to me.

Anonymous said...

Some Info on it here:

This doesn't seem to be a very common model, I have a 467MA in my collection, they are great little radios!