Sunday, December 02, 2007

A chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 6

Facebook Beacon, Google Maps and more. We chat about routers, Peter’s domain woes, Facebook backs down on Beacon, Google and the FCC 700Mhz auction, Google maps and cell triangulation, offline web apps, an interesting SPAM solution, broadband over powerlines and the Eee PC launch. Golly!

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Thanks again to Ben for production.


Alastair said...

Hi guys, another great show.

Just on OpenWRT, were you aware of X-Wrt? It's basically a GUI add-on for OpenWRT. I don't use it myself because the standard OpenWRT interface (command line and config files :) is fine for me, but may be worth a look.

Actually come to think of it I'm pretty sure that the standard OpenWRT web interface lets you configure port forwarding.

BTW DNAT is not the same as port forwarding.

Alastair said...

Oh, and another thing...

I thought you were a bit harsh on Samba. Remember the CIFS/SMB/whatever protocol was designed for Windows boxes to talk to Windows boxes. And there's limited doco for it, so (I understand) the Samba guys had to do a lot of reverse-engineering to get it to work. Almost certainly the protocol is being stretched to accommodate Linux clients. No real surprise when it falls over - the surprising thing is that it works at all...

Peter Marks said...

Don't get me wrong, I have the greatest respect for samba but it seems that a security fix CVE-2007-4572 introduced a bug where smbd will crash if you do an ls in a mounted directory!

It's a bad bug.

Anyhow, it's rather quietly fixed in samba 3.0.27a the only comment being "Fix smbd crash bug which resulted from a regression in the patch for CVE-2007-4572 patch."

I've found samba very reliable over the years but this bug and recently another insidious one where a large number of files in one directory would result in not all of them being shown (without error) have caused grief, presumably not just for me.

Unknown said...

Pete, I asked a friend of mine using DD-WRT for crazy stuff, and he said he's also experienced lock ups with IPv6 and IPsec.

Sorry for the bum steer.