Monday, October 29, 2007

A chat with ben and pete - podcast episode 1

Together with the always interesting Ben, we've decided to join the weekly podcast gang, starting off with some discussion of our Leopard experiences. 

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I'll also be appearing on ABC Radio National Breakfast at around 8:05am tomorrow, (Thursday), discussing the Leopard vs. Vista vs. Linux operating system competition.

You can hear this chat here.


Alastair said...

Good work Ben and Pete. Enjoyed your chat.

By the way I understand that DTrace came straight from Sun, NOT via BSD. As I understand it, DTrace is still in the process of being ported to FreeBSD, and other BSDs to follow.

By the way, the Ars Technica Leopard review (which is a must-read) and has some good coverage of DTrace, and it looks awesome.

Unknown said...

Great podcast guys. I enjoyed the deep technical commentary, should be more of it.

Aren't you guys into ruby/rails yet?