Friday, May 04, 2007

Morse code at Manly Warringah Radio Society

Attended a Wednesday meeting of the MWRS. Great fun, a lovely group of blokes. I asked about learning Morse code and was treated to a live demo which included a contact with someone in Texas.

Pictured here is (if I've got this right) Russel Clarke VK2BYN and, on the iambic keyer, Yves Bernier VK2AUJ.

Russel confirmed that there's no easy way to learn Morse, I was so hoping for a pointer to the tape I could play under my pillow while asleep that would have me wake up with the knowledge.

On another topic, my thanks to Mike Bell from the home brew group for very kindly posting me some 3.6884Mhz crystals so I'd have no excuse not to build the 80M challenge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

For some reason, those of us at MWRS only just discovered your blog.

Thank you for your kind comments, and I have one correction. Russell's callsign is VK2BYN.

73 Richard (VK2SKY :-)

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Richard, I'll fix it right away.

73s vk2tpm