Sunday, November 20, 2011

QRP Portable at Fisherman's Paradise

Just returned from a weekend away, four hours south of Sydney at Fisherman's Paradise. Here's my QRP portable station:

My antenna was a random wire, about 6m long, thrown to a tree from the balcony.

The ZM-2ATU antenna tuner does a fine job with a random wire and a counterpoise and never fails to tune up easily.

Fine copy on the WIA Sunday broadcast on 80m, 40m but best on 30m. I called back on 30m and while the VK2WI station couldn't make me out a few other stations relayed my presence. VK2BGU, VK2BGL, VK2JE and VK2HL were all very strong to me.

Local birdlife came to listen in and stayed for some snacks:

After lunch we went for a walk among the mosquitoes and looked at the local boats.

Back in Sydney and a big week ahead.

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