Thursday, November 10, 2011

Insulated the metal shed roof for summer

The shed has been marvellous so far, but as foretold by mates Gerald and Ralph, the weak spot will be heat from the sun beating on the corrugated metal roof.

Indeed, when the sun is on the roof, it's like a radiator inside. I purchased R3 poly bats, which I had to split in half so they're around R1.5. Backed and held in place with masonite board. It now looks like this inside:

It's a pretty rough job but the effect is a huge improvement in comfort when the sun is beating down. Foolishly I went along with the offered skylight and of course this isn't desirable in full sun so I've placed the 65W solar panel over it and it covers it pretty well.

I could go on and insulate the walls but wood is a pretty good insulator already so I think the most important job has been done.


  1. I renovated a metal garden shed in our old house for a shack. New walls, ripped off the roof and installed insulation throughout. The result was a very comfortable shack ... then we moved house!

  2. Ha! Yes, I've been thinking that if we moved house the thing that I'd most miss would be the shed.

    I'm thinking of sleeping in it just for fun one night - to find out what creatures are digging up the yard.

  3. Peter the next project would be some dc fans in the wall possible temperature controlled I think you find them helpful

  4. If we could figure out how to make a solar powered air conditioner, we'll make millions.

  5. ... we'll make millions.
    Easy! What you need is one of these.
    The hotter the day, the more cooling you get. It's how big AC systems in office towers work.

  6. A piece of advice, determine beforehand how much R-value you need. A shed used to store tools won't need much, if any, insulation, while a shed in which you spend time working will require considerably more.

  7. WHat a neat technique! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Anonymous2:21 PM

    i like it
    and thanks for the share us