Sunday, February 04, 2024

Enjoyed the Ballarat Radiofest 2024

A few friends came from around the state including Shepparton, Bendigo and Melbourne. We stayed at a local motel and had a nice dinner and walk the night before to check on shortwave reception.

It was a warm day but thankfully there was a very pleasant breeze to keep things comfortable. By opening time, 10am, the crowd was keen to get in to see the gear for sale.

There were lots of older generation transceivers for sale at fair prices but I wasn't particularly tempted.

Quite a few members of my club, the Macedon Ranges Amateur Radio Club were on hand as were members of the Bendigo club who even organised a bus.

I picked up a few 27Mhz AM transceivers in the hope I could find one I can move to the 10m amateur band. I couldn't resist an Icom IC2A 2m handheld transceiver for $3.

A very enjoyable day. My thanks to the organisers.


  1. G'day Peter,

    That is wild seeing that IC-2A with the home installed rotated DTMF keyboard again!

    I believe I can claim responsibility for that modification to that particular unit that I did some time around 1982/82. It was going to be for a remote system of some sort that I was dreaming about that never eventuated. I sold the radio around 1988 just before I went OS for work for a few years and had a radio hiatus.

    Thanks for your blog - it's always very interesting. I bought a Hermes Lite 2 based on your review 3 years ago and it has become my favorite radio.



    VK5AI (VK5AZY 1979 - 2010)

  2. Wish I could have made it, but unfortunately a bit far from Melbourne given my current work schedule. Good to see Dave and Dallas in attendance. Hopefully I'll make it to the next one.