Friday, December 22, 2023

Olivia experiments

There seems to be increasing interest in Olivia. It's a keyboard chat digital mode built in to Fldigi that gets through when signal to noise is poor. 

The Olivia Digital Mode website gives some useful information including suggested calling frequencies and sub-modes. Because Olivia can be decoded well in to the noise you can't always see the calling station on the waterfall so knowing where to listen is important.

You might notice that I've changed the waterfall scale in Fldigi to show actual frequencies rather than audio frequencies - I find this helps. Most of the time I use 8/250 and Stephen, VK2BLQ, and I have had several contacts between my QTH in Victoria and his home in Chatswood.

Over Xmas there is a "QSO Party" which I plan to participate in.


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  1. Have experimented with Olivia in the past but noticed it took a lot of stress on my radio. Besides that VarAC is just as good in a noisy environment and is a much more sophisticated chat software. Good luck in the QSO party, I recommend some extra cooling for your radio at longer transmissions! 73, Bas