Sunday, April 30, 2023

SDR++ server mode for easy listening

SDR++ continues to impress as an excellent SDR client. One terrific feature is that it has a server mode built in. You run the server side on the command line with --server after it and then run SDR++ from another machine to connect to it. 

I'm running the server in my low noise shack and using the client in the house. They are connected via wifi at both ends but operation and reception is smooth.

To record this and capture the audio on macOS I use the free VB-Cable to connect the output of the receiver to the built in screen recorder. The problem with this is I can't hear the audio while I'm recording so it's hard to tune around. The solution was to run an audio recorder/editor (in my case Sound Studio) which has a feature to pass through input audio so I can monitor.

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