Sunday, January 08, 2023

Improving antenna height with the drone

The cheap Chinese drone is very sophisticated, with GPS stabilisation etc, but my current favourite is a little one I purchased second hand for $200 including remote. I like it because it's light, uses standard batteries, and I can fix it when I break it.

It came with a 4S battery and I had a bit of trouble when I switched to 3S but after some re-calibration of the CleanFlight software it now flies really well. Today I used it to drag a line right over the top of a small tree to support one end of my 40m dipole which had been in an inverted V configuration.

A bit hard to see but my technique of flying the drone over the tree or branch pulling a line and then killing the motors so that the weight of the drone pulls the line through is working reliably for me. (I do have some spare propellors standing by though).


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