Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Growing tired of AirBNB

AirBNB was a great idea and for years we enjoyed staying at nice, but sometimes quirky, places around the world.

Our last experience, on a visit to Sydney, was not so great. Here are the house rules:

It was a very clean, modern, standalone unit. Everything about the experience lacked generosity. We were there for 5 nights but as you see from the rules above, virtually nothing was supplied. We had to shop for toilet paper, dish powder, laundry liquid, soap and rubbish bags.

There were just three knives, forks and spoons so we had to wash them regularly.

As there are two of us, we asked for a second key. The owner asked why and said no.

I took some ham radio gear but feared the worst if I was found to have run a wire out the window so didn't attempt that.

At least you know what you get at a hotel, even if the shower supplies are not legible. It seems we are not alone in this view.

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