Thursday, December 16, 2021

Shack in shed and improved antenna

I've moved my shack into a shed and strung up a better dipole in some trees but away from everything electrical. Signal reception is improved and I heard Mark, VK3MJ, calling CQ and had my first voice contact from Drummond. The band looks great with very little noise at the moment.

It was great to meet Mark, who's in Geelong - so just 150km away. He recognised me from a recent video where I tuned across his transmission! An amazing coincidence. For him, I was just above the noise, for me he's clear as can be. Here's a bit of a recording of today's conversation.

The hum you can hear is a linear power supply sitting on the bench which unfortunately hums loudly. I'm not sure what to do about that.

I left WSPR receiving on 40m over night and got very good results, (not quite up to VK7JJ's fantastic reception performance though).

I even received Ross, EX0AA, from Kyrgyzstan, many times at up to -13dB SNR. These screen shots are from the WSPR Watch app.

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