Saturday, August 22, 2020

WSPR Watch update

There is an update to the WSPR Watch app in the iOS App Store. The recently added signal to noise graph has changed to a line chart and if you search the spot list for a callsign and then switch to the graphs the search stays.

This means you can use the SNR graph to find the best time to have a contact with a certain call.

Another welcome change is that there's a setting to show times in local rather than UTC.

Here's a graph showing SNR between me in Melbourne, Victoria and VK2ATZ near Newcastle NSW.

A few people have asked me about the use of colours on the map and graphs. Each band has a colour and I took the set used by Unfortunately these colours sometimes have low contrast against Apple maps so it might help to switch to dark mode.

The dots on the map are as follows:

  • Green is a receiving station
  • Red is a transmitting station
  • Purple is doing both
Note that I have limited the number of spots shown on the map as it gets too slow. I stop adding them at 2,000 which I know annoys at least one user (Hi Ross!).

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