Sunday, December 02, 2018

New van configuration working well

After re-building the inside of the van to replace the double bed with a single bed/couch facing a long bench with shelves, I've taken the opportunity to travel north for a few days and try living in it.

The new arrangement is much better than before. Along the way I stopped at very pleasant spots and could enjoy the view while still being able to make cups of coffee and access everything with ease.

The woodwork on the bench isn't great and if I do it again there are things I'd change but in the end it was built with straight timber in a curving van interior.

The sink and manual pump tap is fantastic and makes me feel much more at home when doing things like cleaning my teeth.

Another change is that I've mounted an antenna base on the roof rack and reception on 20m is pretty good although I do get noise from the solar charge controller and fridge.

Once again my destination was a farm stay in Eden near Dorrigo and it really is beautiful countryside. The morning view from the side of the van.

Lovely rivers are all over the place. (Click photos to enlarge).

I'm still figuring out where to put things and even in a "tiny house" it's amazing how things can be hard to find.

The bed, which is slats supporting a medium density single camp mattress from Clark Rubber is very comfortable and I quite like going to sleep when the sun goes down.

I've purchased a battery monitor with a current shunt that displays voltage, current and then figures out power use. This is being trialled in the shed and will be installed in the van in due course.

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