Sunday, March 06, 2016

Purchased toaster oven - not reviewed by Siracusa

We have a toaster and we have an oven, but we don't have a "toaster oven". Recently Phillipa has been producing a huge crop of home grown tomatoes and they beg to be sliced and have cheese melted over them, but the oven is so big it seems like a waste to grill things in it.

On Saturday, I slipped out and came back with this $59 beauty:

It has elements at the top and bottom. Here's the first result (after running it for a while to burn the plastic coating off the elements).

What's great about these little ovens is that they come up to temperature extremely quickly. Hilariously the instruction book includes recipes for roast pork and lamb.

When I posted a picture on Instagram of the new toy, several people asked if it was a model that had been reviewed by John Siracusa in his excellent series sponsored by Cards Against Humanity. Checking the list, it's not. I recommend this one so far though.

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