Sunday, July 26, 2015

ARNSW Home Brew Group meeting

Another interesting meeting today with lots of "show and tell" and a talk on filters. Here's some photos.

Bob had a high quality component analyser with probes that work with surface mount components.

The room was enthralled as always.

A prototype weather station with links from the remote sensor working over Bluetooth.

Convenor Peter VK2EMU at the helm.

John VK2ASU demonstrated a wireless link running over 432MHz using a $1 transmitter (but he recommends a more expensive receiver).

Stephen, VK2BLQ has constructed an amazing SSB phasing transmitter for 80m.

Eric showed the new Powerpole distribution box from the Waverley Amateur Radio Society.

The full kit is $35 - much cheaper than commercial equivalents.

Cameron, VK2CKP, showed his arduino controlled rotator.

Eric talked about filters and why you shouldn't open email enclosures while running Windows.

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