Saturday, February 28, 2015

Built a smaller quadcopter

A new build from parts ordered from China. This time I'm using the excellent OpenPilot flight controller. Here's an early flight in the back yard.

Thanks Cat for filming.

It's basically this "kit":

I didn't use their supplied power distribution board as I didn't have any documentation and had one at hand.

I used a Fly Sky 6 channel remote transmitter and receiver (these are great by the way).
Also a compact 3s (cell) Lipo battery.

One frustration is that the motors could not be bolted in place with the supplied components and I had to hunt around to get 2.5mm x 6mm bolts and some nuts.

The OpenPilot CC3D software is amazing and I don't have it properly tuned just yet but it's great fun to fly around the back yard. The motors get hot and give off a satisfying burning smell after a bit of use.

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