Sunday, June 02, 2013

Tablet friendly M65 Jacket - as seen on TV

You don't get much fashion advice on this blog, until now. If the M65 field jacket seems familiar, it's because Robert De Niro wore one in Taxi Driver, Al Pacino wore one in Serpico, Sylvester Stallone wore one in multiple movies and Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a decorated one in Terminator. And that's just the start, check Wikipedia for about 40 references.

Introduced into the US military in 1965 to replace the M51 which replaced the M43 (you can figure the years).

The exterior is poly cotton mix, there is a 100% cotton lining and a further, buttoned on detachable inner warm layer. The instructions warn not to dry it on a stove, so I guess that was a problem.

What's amazing is that in 1965 they correctly predicted the dimensions of the now popular seven inch tablets and a Nexus 7 fits nicely in the side pockets. Great forethought there. Available at army disposals stores globally.

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