Monday, June 18, 2012

Terry's homebrew Tricopter

I am working but a distraction dropped in.

And in a park.

I recently bought a tiny key fob shaped "spy" camera which we put on board one of the tricopters:

These Tricopters were built from instructions on RCExplorer.


  1. Peter,
    Amazing footage from your on board camera on the tricopter.
    Ian VK2IJ

  2. It's a tiny little recording camera that is built in to a car key fob. Easy to see how secret footage could be recorded, but due to the low weight - perfect for on board video.

    Terry is doing some work to reduce vibration for next time.

  3. Anonymous8:00 PM

    So how does it go lifting 40M of wire into the air to make a 160M 1/4 wave or similar? How long can it run continuously? Perhaps it can drop a wire on top of a goal post?

    Graham VK2TMH

  4. Nice idea but I think the battery only lasts about 20 minutes so a kite or ballon might be more practical.