Monday, May 21, 2012

Receiving WSPR with tiny indoor loop antenna

A new toy, a PK Loop Antenna. This one tunes from 6MHz to 18MHz, so it's designed for shortwave broadcast listening.

Even indoors, amongst all sorts of electronic equipment, fluorescent lights and computers, it tunes up well and band noise can clearly be heard. The best way to evaluate an antenna is by comparing with my normal outdoor wire dipole decoding WSPR signals on 20m. The big drop is where I switch from the outdoor dipole to the little indoor loop.

This graph shows signal to noise ratio of my reception of VK2UX, a station I watch as he has wonderful low noise reception compared to mine. The amazing thing is not the drop in SNR but that I can still receive low power WSPR signals at all with this little indoor antenna.

The loop is well constructed and seems to work remarkably well. I just have to remember not to transmit into it!

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