Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giving out how to vote cards at an election

HattonAn old friend Debbie Richards ran as an independent in the State election so I offered to help.

This morning I handed out "how to vote" leaflets for the independents at the local polling place here in the safe Liberal electorate of Wakehurst.

There was a nice camaraderie among the how to vote volunteers. Greens, Christian Democrats, Labour and a gang of Liberals were in attendance.

Voters fall into three categories: they are pre-decided and either take nothing or just the one they want, they take nothing as they object to the waste of paper, or they dutifully take one of everything.

Recent Australians, and I know there were some as I saw a citizenship certificate in hand, seem very pleased to be greeted by us and examine our handouts.

A few voters ask questions or have a go about something or other. The Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile) seemed to get the most vitriol from punters, in part because the local candidate is called Paul Green and people looking for the Greens how to vote took theirs by mistake and when they realised would screw it up and dispose of it.

I enjoyed the morning, despite a bit of rain and wind, it was a good way to catch up with local friends and neighbours.

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