Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brisbane PHP MySQL group meeting

welcome.jpgI'm in Brisbane to attend the Open Source Developers conference being held at the Bardon Conference Centre. While some of the equipment is a little dated.. the wifi service is OK and at a fair price ($35 for three days).

We got in the night before things start and have met a few fellow attendees just hanging around the lobby. Gary kindly gave us a lift in to the Brisbane PHP/MySQL group meeting which was well attended.


phpmysql.jpgThe presentation and demo was about mongoDB which is a database that stores blobs of structured data expressed in JSON. This would not be impressive if it didn't also have the ability to query and even index the structured content of that data. The use case that comes to mind is where you're storing rich data but don't fully know what you might get.

The database is written in Javascript, running on the server, and functions can be sent to the server for execution there. Interesting stuff and thanks to everyone for putting it on.

After Indian dinner Gary drove us up to the top of a hill from where we viewed a panorama of Brisbane.


More tomorrow.

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