Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Digital Radio launches in Sydney

Today is launch day and the number of stations my radio finds has jumped to 38.

Many of them are giving me errors here at the moment but at last the ABC is there.

My beloved ABC Radio National is there at 72kbps mono but it does sound better than most AM radios.

Here's the list of what my radio picks up on a full scan with a whip antenna in the kitchen.

tower.jpg702 ABC Sydney

ABC Classic FM

ABC Dig Music

ABC Jazz

ABC Country

ABC Grandstand

ABC News Radio


ABC dig


The Edge Digital


Mix 106.5

Nova 969


Pink Radio

RADAR- Get On It

Radar Radio

SBS Digital One

SBS Digital Two

SBS Radio_1

SBS Radio_1+2h

SBS Radio_2

SBS Radio_2+2h

SBS Radio_3

SBS Radio_+2h

SBS Radio_4

SBS Radio_4+2h

SBS Radio_Extra



SM Super Digi

Triple M

triple j

VEGA 95.3

Vega 953

WSFM ClassicHits

2CH EASY 1170

2CH - Easy 1170



2GB 873 AM



2UE News Talk

2UE News Talk.

3G Service 1

3G Service 2

3G Service 3

3G Service 4

3G Service 5

3G Service 6

So that's pretty impressive on launch day. I'm a fair way out of town and reception isn't good so there might be more that I'm missing.


On the way in on the bus I spoke to David who wears a Broadcast Australia jacket. He mentioned that the ABC transmission is coming from a temporary antenna and that the proper one will be commissioned over the weekend.

Indeed as my bus passed the impressive Willoughby tower this morning, there against a stunning sky, I could make out workers way up the tower doing things. I'm hoping that the ABC will be a bit stronger once they switch to the proper antennas.

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