Sunday, December 21, 2008

Interesting review of the MFJ-269

After reading Alan VK2ZAY's insightful review of the MFJ-207, I cleverly pushed my MFJ-269 at him to see what he thought of it.

Once again he's done an excellent job of analysing the analyser here.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I have had a 207 for a a long time
    as like most MFJ stuff the build quality
    is poor and i tend to treat them as a half made
    kit that needs to be re engineered. i have had a
    few tuners and other things and all had loose
    pots or switchers, screws poking though and
    shorting things and such. Buy they are cheep and
    when fixed are good value for money.

    I read the review of the 207 and he must have a
    bad one. I have no problem tuning mobile whips on
    160 and 80 and can even dip an crystal. The Osc
    is quite stable for what it is and has no fm mod
    and if tuned in on an ssb set sounds very clean.
    I often use it as a portable sig gen, no lab quality
    stuff and fiddly to get on frequency but with an
    dig readout rx you can set it to a within 100 hz
    on the lower bands, for a while anyhow. Great for
    taking on trips if you want to mess with antennas
    or may have to align sets. You have to keep in mind
    all it measures is if something is resonant at 50
    ohms. Needs full batt power for proper readings and i
    run mine of aa cells in a holder taped to the case.


  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    The confirmation that the '207 wasn't meant to perform as mine did lead me to fix it properly:

    The buffering is still pretty darn bad and the SWR meter is only a very rough guide, but the unit it now much more usable and useful, thanks!