Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Shutdown of Radio Australia on shortwave

A wonderful video from VK3ASE.

Nigel looks like he's at a funeral.


  1. So very sad. Have been out of SW DX-ing since 1970 but still have my QSL collection that includes a card from the Overseas Service as well as a number of the smaller Regional outlets - Perth, Brisbane etc. Never did hear Alice Springs.

  2. I read the sad News in a magazine "Funktelegramm" february 2017 issue. I was listeneing to the overseas Service of Radio Australia since 1970 when Tuning my portable Radio (Nordmende Globetrotter) and suddenly found that "different" English". Of course I wrote a receptoon Report and got a QSL Card plus some inforamtion about "downunder". I regurlarily became a litener to Radio Australia from the Olkympics in Munich on (1972) --- Shane Gould --- was member of the Radio Australia listener´s Club, often heard Keith Glovers´s Mailbox on Sunday morning, was able to travel to AUstralia in 1974 as part of the undergraduate working visit (worked as a Student in AWA North Ryde NSW), met Keith Glover ath tABC´s Studios in Melbourne Victoria--- met Shane on my third travel to Australia in 1982...
    Too sad that it is all gone now-- ok I can listen to Raido Australia via Internet, but is that really fun?
    My last "direct" Connection in listening to RA was on Dec 31, 2016 via WEBSDR (University nny: Radio New Zealand still has a shortwave Service which can be even heard here in Europe...
    So why is Austalia not using the "old fashsioned way" of communicaiton?