Saturday, March 08, 2014

ARNSW Antenna Day

My sincere thanks to the committee at Amateur Radio NSW for organising a wonderful "Antenna Day" today at Dural.

The day was a relaxed mix of informative guest speakers (my special thanks to all of them), some hands-on construction, and Commander Al making puns and deafening us with his hooter.

We learned about many interesting antenna variations from dipoles to more elaborate multi-band antennas.

There was home constructed and some nifty bits of commercial gear including this cute little tuner from Elecraft.

Everything from 160m to 2m was discussed.

For a small price of $10 those interested got a very nice dipole coax centre insulator and time to put it together.

We were lavished with tea, cool drinks, a BBQ and in the afternoon ice cream and fruit!

It was a beautiful day all around as you can see here. Incidentally, the second hand store is very well stocked at the moment too.


  1. It was a great day, thanks for your great blog entry. 73 paul VK2APA

  2. Peter, looks like a good time. I just finished building the Elecraft T1 tuner myself and you are right, it's great!

  3. Razorback Bush Pig4:49 PM

    Great to see Carmel vk2car's homebrew cheapie balun and Elecraft tuner make your bog :)